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Traveling consultant, 13 years a top tier frequent flier. Lifetime Marriott Titanium.
This has garnered me a large continuing supply of points and exclusive treatment around the world. I am the grand nephew of John Clouse - Former worlds most traveled man, and I guess it's just in my blood. Admittedly a lot of my experiences are pretty far off the charts to what many people might experience. I do rather enjoy the high end treatment, but it doesn't mean I am a snob. Far from it.

I have stayed over 1800 nights in hotels around the world, over 130 properties, many countries, 1400? flights. Maybe more... that one I lose count of. Given that, I tend to stick to Oneworld Flights and Marriott Properties, and for a brief while Hilton when I was a Diamond with them. You will notice my trips skewed in that fashion. I do have a particular affinity for JW Marriott's. I find them the best value for the dollars spent overall.

I also, besides traveling, love buffalo wings and a nice elegant place to have a quality cocktail. Meeting and having a drink with friends around the world I have met is one of the best things one can experience.

My Travel Gear:

I hope you enjoy my travel blogs/posts at least a portion of the amount I did experiencing them.